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Tyler Lauber

 Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney Destinations

Location: Greenwich, Ohio


Phone: 419-490-0544

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Tyler Lauber: TeamMember

Growing up in Ohio, Tyler’s family did countless road trips to many favorite family vacation spots, such as Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Myrtle Beach, Washington D.C., and many more. These experiences growing up really made him cherish adventure, family time and experiencing new things. Now, Tyler and his wife want to give their two daughters those same adventures. We love to travel and experience new locations, food, cultures, and activities. Over the past few years, they have made several trips to Walt Disney World, Carnival cruises, and visited some great U.S. locations, such as Nashville, Myrtle Beach, several Florida cities and beaches, and countless amusement parks. Let him help you plan that next phenomenal adventure!

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