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Carla Dieckman

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney Destinations

Location: Liberty, MO


Phone Number: (816) 456-0018

Carla Dieckman: TeamMember

I love to travel! Hello, my name is Carla Dieckman. All travel gives you an opportunity to see new places, and traveling on vacation allows you to experience new adventures with a unique perspective.

For me, part of the fun of traveling is in the planning… finding the right destination, hotels, and fun things to do. I even apply that same effort when I travel for work. Who says you can’t have fun when traveling for business?

When my daughter grew up and got married, I planned a destination wedding, and then extended family vacations for both families. I still continue to do my own personal travel planning.

I want to provide the same service to you and your family. Being a travel advisor is a great way for me to do something I love to do…plan vacations. My services are free to you because of our agency partnerships with vendors who pay me a commission.

So, let me help you and your family spend time together on all your dream vacations. The memories we create stay with us long after we return home. I specialize in Disney travel but would love to help you plan your next personal or family adventure.

Having someone to do the work so you can relax and enjoy your next adventure...priceless.

Carla Dieckman: About Us
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