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Jacque Sample

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney Destinations

Location: Columbia, MO


Phone: (573) 424-8494

Jacque Sample: TeamMember

Growing up in the Midwest, my family did not travel where we could not drive.  However, one summer when I was 6 years old, we drove the two days to Orlando and spent one magical day at Magic Kingdom.  I was in awe of Cinderella’s castle, and enjoyed so many rides!  That trip started my love of all things Mickey Mouse.
When I started a family of my own, I insisted on returning to Walt Disney World.  I did have different challenges, though.  My oldest son has autism, and I was not at all sure how he would handle the plane ride and the sometimes “sensory overload” of Walt Disney World.  We really had to work and be flexible the first two days of our trip, figuring out what my son could tolerate and what he could not.  We quickly learned he liked the fast rides like Space Mountain (totally shocked) but did not like the parades at all due to the music and noise.  Meanwhile, my youngest, who does not have autism, LOVED the parades and meeting every character possible.  My husband and I quickly figured out that we had to split up, so each boy could have their own magical experiences.  All of our trips have been wonderful, though not without challenges.  This has made me especially sensitive to families who are travelling with different needs, whether they be physical, mental, or sensory.  My goal is to help all families of all types have the trip of their dreams!  I am an occupational therapist by trade, so I have 20+ years of experience in the healthcare field, working with persons with disabilities.  My experiences will help you and your family have a safe, inclusive, accessible, and magical Disney experience!  I am looking forward to working with you!

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